Fujiko Yamauchi

A native of Fukuoka, Japan, Yamauchi comes from a hard working family that taught her the importance of sharing a home-cooked meal with people you love. Although she never received formal culinary training, she was taught by the best - her Mother.

Yamauchi came to US in 1985 at age 29 and worked at Seigo’s Japanese Steak House in Brookfield as Assistant Manager until 1990. After which she was promoted to manage Koto Japanese Restaurant on Milwaukee's East Side, the first sushi restaurant in Wisconsin. Here, she honed her sushi-making skills, becoming a rarity - a female sushi chef.

Izumi's has enjoyed many awards and recognition from the community and its loyal customers. Izumi's is proudly the winner of over a dozen Best of Milwaukee awards for Best Japanese and Best Sushi Restaurant. Fujiko was also nominated as Wisconsin Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005.

Tatsuya Goto

Originally from Kuruke, Japan, Goto worked for Seigo’s Japanese Steak House in Brookfield as chief chef from 1983 to 1993, where he and colleague Yamauchi met. Their mutual dedication to traditional Japanese food brought them together to open Izumi’s Restaurant in 1993.

Goto continues to create sushi with the balance of freshness, taste and presentation that is so integral in Japanese cuisine.

The two talented chefs joined forces in October of 1993 when they took over as owners of Izumi’s Japanese Restaurant, which was originally opened in 1988. Then in December of 2003, Izumi's expanded to its current location on Prospect Avenue.